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Send SMS

Two factor authentication, notifications, marketing messages and more.

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Messages are sent quickly via direct mobile network connections.

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Global reach

Zensend's API sends messages anywhere in the world.

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Transparent pricing

Flat rate pricing per country.

Branding 70px d723e378b7eac41f3fdf72a1491f0a7cff85bb2cb0c2c310d9312fb2b69c1d3c

Message branding

A customisable sender name instead of a number helps recipients identify who messages are from.

Receipts 70px 55b9f8aefa95d089898bd409839afe82caa69f5d00a132e557c05ddd1df61ecc

Delivery receipts

Zensend's API tracks the delivery status of messages and updates apps when a message has either arrived or failed to reach a destination.

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Special characters

Using Unicode, thousands of special characters can be used for personalising and sending messages in different languages.

Concatenation 70px f00c09e3f55d26978a159dd44093377b814fcd24deab6d2c4f9a3c693e662e5c

Message concatenation

A standard GSM SMS message is 160 characters. Zensend can successfully deliver messages up to 1224 characters in up to 8 message parts. Each message part will be charged as 1 SMS.

Hyperlink 70px 8f08799e78f2e9eed9f08bd6369dae14c214134d5381a513f1f0d344560f4136

Hyperlink sending

A hyperlink can direct customers to a website, app download or survey. Avoid using lots of characters by using a URL shortener.

Documentation 70px 81bddcd647317f9f5ba44fdc964bb16739ac5cdf02b8d9b2f4d569b9c1eb5c00


Zensend's team of in-house developers have made sure the API is simple and easy to use. Zensend's comprehensive documentation and sample code help developers quickly build SMS into applications.

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Receive SMS

Receive messages to your app using a virtual mobile number, keyword or shortcode.

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Virtual mobile number

Receive SMS to your unique virtual mobile number.
Numbers available from a range of countries worldwide.

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Mobile keywords

Provision keywords on one of Zensend's
memorable Shortcodes allowing messages
to be routed to your app.

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Looking for a dedicated shortcode? If you would like to own the number and all associated keywords, get in touch for a quote today.

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Number Insight

Ensure mobile numbers are active by checking they are valid and connected.
Find out which network and country a mobile number belongs to.

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Validity, network & country

Only ever reach out to numbers that are active by checking if contacts are valid and connected. You can also find out what network a number belongs to and country a number is located in.

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Insights take place in real-time. Whenever you run a query, the most up-to-date information about a number will be returned.

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Easy to use

Quickly ping mobile numbers from your app through Zensend's API for instant results.