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Two Factor Authentication

Use SMS for secure login, password reset, payment transactions and more.
You will be adding an extra layer of security on your app and building trust with users.

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Step 1

User provides mobile number when using app

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Step 2

Unique code is generated and sent via SMS to user

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Step 3

User receives SMS and enters code

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Step 4

User securely authenticates

Customer story

Nectar, the UK's largest loyalty programme, has added SMS based two factor authentication across its digital estate. This addition is part of a wider initiative at Nectar, to ensure that the customer is always at the heart of the programme.

Two factor authentication allows Nectar customers a seamless and secure verification of the actions they take, be that registration, change of details or redeeming points on certain rewards. For customers the process is simple: when prompted, an SMS is sent to their phone with a pin code which they enter on the website or the app. It's as easy as that.